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Acknowledging Source Material

Acknowledging Source Material published on 4 Comments on Acknowledging Source Material

Ormond has always been based somewhat off of Dismas, the Highwayman from Darkest Dungeon. Reynauldo takes his name from Dismas’ partner, and is a cross between Shovel Knight and the Crusader. I like the idea that they both riff about a game they play together.

Also, I am more than slightly psyched about the expansion pack that’s coming out for Darkest Dungeon.

Hang in there, Ormond!

Hang in there, Ormond! published on 1 Comment on Hang in there, Ormond!

This took us longer than we wanted.

The good news is that it’s already laid out as a for-print comic-book page, unlike its predecessors, which we’re having to lay out … creatively.

The better news is that the next comic is going to come much faster than this one.

I mean, it’s right there in the name!

I mean, it’s right there in the name! published on 4 Comments on I mean, it’s right there in the name!

There is a secret plot against the Halfling Rogue in my current group and it involves our Warforged paladin hucking him into a building on “mistake.”

This is why you don’t try to steal literally everything including the grandfather clock.

Jeb, buddy, if you’re reading this, DM gotcher back. Rest of ya’ll are schemey, schemey people! 😛

Credo of the North American Murder Hobo

Credo of the North American Murder Hobo published on 5 Comments on Credo of the North American Murder Hobo

If you’ve missed the blog posts (which would be quite easy, since I borked some of the CSS last month and haven’t quite fixed everything), you might also have missed that there’s some nifty rewards over on Patreon, which includes a paper mini of Candor, her character sheet, and a podcast where Zach and I bicker about intelligently discuss alignment. Give those a look while I’m back here trying to make my wordpress do my bidding.

Petty Details

Petty Details published on 6 Comments on Petty Details

We’re making a map, which will supply some added context for what they’re doing and where they’re going — it’ll appear on Patreon sometime in the next few days. I’d have already uploaded it, but Zach told me to cut some of the endless puns and give places better names. 🙁