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This was a good time to change character perspective, right?

This was a good time to change character perspective, right? published on 10 Comments on This was a good time to change character perspective, right?

I think so, anyway.

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I sat here refreshing all of twenty webcomics, and I didn’t think it would work.

I think I’m gonna form some really bad habits now.

So, I see they’re cleaning up after an RPG session…

Two girls, Add possibly Skyler, Scotty, and Cid.
Scotty strikes me as the sort who might not understand his character sheet. He also strikes me as the sort who might doff his armor in the back room of a bar.
Mei Li strikes me as the sort who might not understand her character sheet, being very possibly new to traditional RPG’s along with the rest of the culture hiccups.
I’m inclined to guess Mei Li for the thief. Scotty for the knight. Skyler for the barmaid, and that leaves Li Jing for the Tiefling. That leaves out Cid and Todd, but considering the scene change, I don’t think Todd and Skyler would have been occupying the same room just previous or else she’d not be hunting for him now.

I love this post, and you’re officially the first reader (that I’ve seen) to openly suggest the connection between RE an TC. <3

There are a small number of extras who could definitely be in your list, including --

Nameless Women's Studies Teacher
Small Goon from Bar Scene
Zhang (Wolfman / Gangster from Afterglow / DTT, who's been MIA for a good long time now)
Dr. Wolf

I'm probably forgetting a few.

That said, Zach says I'm not allowed to help anymore. :p

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MS Word Template for Screenwriters

MS Word Template for Screenwriters published on No Comments on MS Word Template for Screenwriters

I have not been able to find a free screenwriting program that wasn’t also trying to sell me its premium version, or a subscription, or that doesn’t require saving my work to the cloud. I suspect a lot of people out there may share my frustration and general “lack of seventy bazillion dollars to spend on a special text formatting program.”

So I made an MS Word Template that does as much of the formatting for screenplays as humanly possible. It’s free. Tips are appreciated but in no way necessary. You can distribute this in any way that you like. I’ll keep it current to the best of my abilities with MS Word as that program evolves. If you have suggestions, comments, problems, or questions, drop ’em in the comments.

Here is the link:

Let me know if you find this useful!