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Chapter Five

Chapter Five published on 5 Comments on Chapter Five

So, this was supposed to be for Monday. We missed that mark, because drawing cars sucks. Also long perspective shots are time consuming to get right. We’re obviously still not done, because this isn’t colored — but once we are, I’ll swap out the images.

Also, we hit our Kickstarter goal over on Thieves Can’t! Woo!


Edit: The upload had mangled the image before. Should be fixed now.

Edit 3 – The search for Edit 2: Colors are uploaded. Who wants to bet we miss our Monday update next week because of this? 🙁


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Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter Update published on No Comments on Kickstarter Update

Hey everyone,

We are still alive! We just got the Kickstarter funding today, and are celebrating by releasing what we’ve been working on for the final three pages of the print comic / PDF.

We wanted to put a cool map of the region into the book, and we had previously released a map — but it was lackluster feeling, so we wanted to take some time and really flesh out the region, and design it from the point of view of Sera.

This is the rough version of the new map. We’re pretty happy with it, and are moving toward a final draft of it, which will be exclusive to the comic book (at least for a while.)