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Happy New Year to you Ramenites. Looking forward to TWO fun stories this year.
And Kudos to Frank there. He reminds me of my paternal granpa’ Didn’t say much. Looked a little funny. And strong as an ox.

Happy New Year to you, too! Glad you’re liking the comics ^_^

Arty is *probably* going to call Frank “Grumpa.” But I don’t want to confuse newcomers about who Frank is in relation to Sera, who is Arty’s sister’s and who calls Frank “dad.”

(Arty is the little girl. She hasn’t introduced herself yet. I’m bad at naming characters.)

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MS Word Template for Screenwriters

MS Word Template for Screenwriters published on No Comments on MS Word Template for Screenwriters

I have not been able to find a free screenwriting program that wasn’t also trying to sell me its premium version, or a subscription, or that doesn’t require saving my work to the cloud. I suspect a lot of people out there may share my frustration and general “lack of seventy bazillion dollars to spend on a special text formatting program.”

So I made an MS Word Template that does as much of the formatting for screenplays as humanly possible. It’s free. Tips are appreciated but in no way necessary. You can distribute this in any way that you like. I’ll keep it current to the best of my abilities with MS Word as that program evolves. If you have suggestions, comments, problems, or questions, drop ’em in the comments.

Here is the link:

Let me know if you find this useful!