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Happy New Year to you Ramenites. Looking forward to TWO fun stories this year.
And Kudos to Frank there. He reminds me of my paternal granpa’ Didn’t say much. Looked a little funny. And strong as an ox.

Happy New Year to you, too! Glad you’re liking the comics ^_^

Arty is *probably* going to call Frank “Grumpa.” But I don’t want to confuse newcomers about who Frank is in relation to Sera, who is Arty’s sister’s and who calls Frank “dad.”

(Arty is the little girl. She hasn’t introduced herself yet. I’m bad at naming characters.)

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Tokens for Print & Online – Patreon

Tokens for Print & Online – Patreon published on No Comments on Tokens for Print & Online – Patreon

I’ve updated the tokens available at the $1 support level. They are now ready for online use.

The tokens include:

4 Tieflings (…everyone loves Tieflings I guess), a dwarf, a kobold, a spider, a giant snake, a beholder, a raven, two goblins, a skeleton minotaur and three humans. (Some of the ones available for online use haven’t been color-correcting, but printing them out should still work if you’re not hyper-fussy.)

We plan to add more tokens as time marches forward, so keep your eyes peeled. You can download them over on our Patreon.