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The Archive is Edited

The Archive is Edited published on No Comments on The Archive is Edited

This won’t mean tons to most of you, but as the letterer *and* writer, going back through the archive was absolutely cringeworthy for me. I was learning as I went. I only edited very small parts of the writing, but the lettering for the first 40 or so comics has been revamped to more mesh with my current (albeit imperfect) understanding of how comic balloons and letters should work.

Honestly, I was braver back then. I was willing to try fun, off-kilter things like fading Chinese into English to show a fourth-wall translation:

Well, carp.At the same time however, past-me thought that dropshadows on speech balloons was a good idea, and… nope. It couldn’t be tolerated, not for one day more, particularly since we are in the slow, slow process of making an Afterglow book and no one wants to look at ugly balloons in an otherwise pretty book.

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