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We’re With Her

We’re With Her published on 2 Comments on We’re With Her

We were unanimously pro-Sanders during the primaries because, as our readers may have gathered, we value diversity and individual freedoms very, very highly, and saw the senator’s platform as a fast track toward these values.

Donald Trump is the antithesis of personal freedoms and diversity, from his xenophobic comments about Mexicans, gays, and Muslims to his threats to imprison Clinton, “punish” women who have abortions, and limit the freedom of the press.

We have educated criticisms of Secretary Clinton. Despite these, we do know that she will protect the rights of women, of blacks, Arabs, Latinos, gays; that she will not violate the freedom of the press, and that she is not on the puppet strings of a foreign ruler.

We also know that, unlike during Sanders’ primary, this entire season has been about mudslinging and proxy mudslinging, so much that the truth has been hidden with very easy to believe lies, most of them about Clinton.

We want a leader who will speak frankly to the issues and ignore the dark side of American politics — the hate and xenophobia of the alt right, and the christian supremacy of the traditional right. Hillary Clinton is that option, despite our misgivings and other concerns.

Our choices are between a banana republic dictator with no idea what he’s doing — a parody of every drunk uncle who has raged about what he would do with with his power if he were king for a day and who loathes intellectuals — and a woman who has a firm grasp of her US policies, a plan founded in realistic goals, an understanding of and sympathy for the left-leaning cultural social sensibilities toward personal freedom, and a respect for the complexities of governance.

Furthermore, we know that Clinton and Sanders have basic respect for each other, and will be able to work with one another — Sanders is still a senator, one left quite powerful and influential after primaries.

And finally, the weight of Senator Sanders’ endorsement is significant with us.

This is our official and unfettered endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, 2016.clinton

Flowers in the Pyramid – Patron Update

Flowers in the Pyramid – Patron Update published on No Comments on Flowers in the Pyramid – Patron Update

Hey everyone,

If you’ve been supporting us on Patreon, you absolutely rock. As a thank-you, patrons at all levels have access to the Flowers in the Pyramid short story. It’s eclectic, but hey, we’re a writer and an artist duo, so sometimes we make off-message things that need a home. Hopefully, that home will be in your headmeat.

Flowers in the Pyramid is a story in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft that excises everything I don’t like about his style and themes. Enjoy!

The Flowers in the Pyramid

The Flowers in the Pyramid published on No Comments on The Flowers in the Pyramid

I’ve put a short story up on Amazon. It’s about an Indian woman and a British explorer in a Lovecraftian situation. If that sounds like your cuppa, you should totally spend 99 cents on it.

Flowers Cover-01

Alternatively, if you’re supporting us on Patreon, sit tight, and you’ll be able to read it without buying it.

Comics Like Ramen Empire

Comics Like Ramen Empire published on No Comments on Comics Like Ramen Empire

I suspect that “Comics about LGBT indie film makers” might be a larger niche than is immediately evident. Sean Martin has been making Doc & Raider since 2009, and it’s been a constant spark of pleasantness in the periphery of my understanding of comics and how they work. Check it out; the guy busts his behind on his work, and the end product is worth your time.

Zach has been working on a pet project in a similar visual vein for a while. He’s got 3D models of, I believe, Scott and Cid fleshed out as a proof of concept, but it’s one of those projects we’re never quite brave enough to push forward on. So Kudos to Sean, for going where we’ve been unable.


Patron Perk – Chapter Two Script

Patron Perk – Chapter Two Script published on No Comments on Patron Perk – Chapter Two Script

Want to read ahead? We’ve got the script for Chapter Two posted in our Patreon. This is part of the $5 perk, which will soon also include part of my big surprise announcement.

Read ahead here. These scripts are subject to change, so you might be reading spoilers, and you might be reading something we change half-way through. In any case, I hope it’s interesting.

Also, here, have a peek at the last two comics in their various production stages.

PD 009

PD 008


Orlando published on No Comments on Orlando

It’s impossible to do what we do here when we’re weeping alongside the rest of the rational nation, so we’re putting up splash art for chapter two and continuing with the story next week.

Instead of reading comics this week, find your loved ones and hug them. Call them. Go to them. Exist with them and create memories and moments of happiness.

Write to your congressmen and representatives about their role in this awful, awful tragedy.

Live deeply. We’ll see you in a week.

On Writing & Editing Phoenix Down #4

On Writing & Editing Phoenix Down #4 published on No Comments on On Writing & Editing Phoenix Down #4

Real quick, here’s the original script for this comic strip. They almost always change a little bit, but today’s was a fairly extreme change, and I thought I’d share a bit about the process with you guys.

Here’s the original script:


See any problems? There’s a couple of pretty big ones. I did a write-up on the process over on Patreon. It’s free, so give it a read and if you find this interesting, you can have constant access to the scripts we use to make the comics by going here and subscribing, and you can find the full chapter one script (and see through the dread murk of time into the VERY FUTURE!) right here.

We want your opinion about where the funnies should go

We want your opinion about where the funnies should go published on 8 Comments on We want your opinion about where the funnies should go

Zach and I are of different minds about what to do with the funnies, and we’d love some reader input.

We both want to make them, so there’s no real danger that we’ll stop.

But we’re not sure if their place is necessarily on this site. Does the current set up work for you guys and make sense to you?

Submission to the Hiveworks, Coco Character Bio Update, and Moving Off of Commission Work

Submission to the Hiveworks, Coco Character Bio Update, and Moving Off of Commission Work published on No Comments on Submission to the Hiveworks, Coco Character Bio Update, and Moving Off of Commission Work

Oof. We’re all a little excited over here, and for multiple reasons.

The biggest one is that we’ve applied to have Ramen Empire published with Hiveworks.

I’ve been writing short fiction since I was 16 or so, so I’m very familiar–practically immune–to rejection from publishers, and usually not all that excited by submitting my work out there. But Ramen Empire is my baby in a way that none of my short fiction, published or otherwise, has ever managed to be, so I’m revisiting those primordial feelings of hopeful clashing with nervousness in the pit of my stomach. Wish us luck!

The other reason we’re excited is that we’re actually getting a lot more readers than normal. Zach and the others understand the analytics way better than I do, so my understanding is limited to “I’m writing at more than five of you.” Which is amazing enough that we’re going to kick the comic over into high gear. At first, this won’t be noticeable to you guys because, despite producing more comics, we’re going to maintain the Monday updates. This will let us build the coveted backlog so that we can actually attend conventions without missing updates, but it’ll also let us give more to our Patrons, since they’re going to have the ability to read ahead in some fashion or another.

More than that, though, it means we’re taking the gamble of stepping down from our Fiverr commissions and People-Per-Hour commissions and working to produce more content for our readers — Monday + Wednesday updates will be the inevitable result of having spent time on a backlog, but we’re also finally going to have time for the books we’ve been hand-sitting on. I’ll keep you guys in the loop right here with regular production updates.

Also, since Coco is taking a bit of a central role in Phoenix Down, I’ve updated the Cast page with her bio. Check it out and give us your thoughts!

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