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In no particular order.


Cid Wallerd – The Producer

Cid Wallerd thinks he’s dying of creative atrophy, and wants nothing more than to create things that are meaningful. The problem, of course, is that he has absolutely no skill sets worth mentioning, and absolutely no talent.

When he couldn’t get permission to use school equipment to make his film, he came up with enough money to buy equipment for his own studio, which he’s calling “film club” to trick other students into working for free.

No one is sure where the money came from, and he isn’t talking.



Char-MeiLi_346x374Mei Li Shu – Lead Female, Exchange Student, Foodie

Mei Li is an extrovert from a culture that told her she shouldn’t be. Fortunately, not speaking the best English is a great cover up for the social skills she doesn’t quite have. She’s working toward a high enough TOEFL score that she can stay in a U.S. school. Ultimately, she plans on getting a business degree.

She stumbled into Cid’s makeshift film club and liked the idea of being on camera, so here she is.




 Skyler “Coeur de Leon” Banks – Casting Director, SCA Activist, Duelist

Skyler’s majoring in communication with an emphasis in PR, but is thinking about switching over to Alexandria University’s film production program, if the professors there can convince her that it’s not just some Midwestern money-dump mascarading as a real program. After all, the coasts are where people make movies and shows.

A history buff, Skyler perpetually has a novel on the backburner, and goes to SCA events, where she’s known as Coeur de Leon, and remains nearly undefeated in heavy fighting–armored combat with live swords.





Todd – Grip, Practical Effects Guru, Ancient Horror beyond Sanity









Ping Li Zhang – Actor, Audiophile, DJ

A student from Taiwan, Zhang has his fingers in the Alexandria night scene, where he is a popular local DJ with semi-regular gigs at the bars the younger students love and the older ones avoid like a disease. He also puts mixes up on Youtube, and have about a thousand subscribers divided between Taiwan and the U.S.

He loves detective stories, and is working on a screen play about cyberpunk detectives. In space. Oy.




Sera O’Sladery – Director, Nerd, Bunny Enthusiast

Sera’s full name is actually Seraphim’s Joy of Song. Her uncle, Frank O’Sladery, rescued her from his hyper-religious, cultist brother, who was about to move his family into a compound. There was a prolonged custody battle, very little of which Sera remembers. Despite the deeply religious vein in her family — Frank is WASP through and through — she does her best not to think about religion.

Sera has Frank convinced that she’s majoring in Nursing, but she’s actually gone into Theater.

Her goal in life is to acquire the rights to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and MacGyver so that she can create the most awesome crossover ever.



Scotty “Scottianda” Jones – Video Editing Geek, Artist, Bald

Perpetually single, incapable of talking to girls (let alone women), and letting himself go physically, Scott is certain that his only shot at successfully procreating is to become insanely wealthy.

He doesn’t actually attend Alexandria University — he just never moved away from his college town. He has enough credit hours for a degree, but he’s never graduated, because he’s that special sort of disorganized that bureaucracies thrive on abusing.

Scott’s resumes all claim an advanced degree in Archaeology. He’s convinced that no one reads the damn things, anyway. Status: employed at gas station.

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