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Phoenix Down #10

Phoenix Down #10 published on No Comments on Phoenix Down #10

If you’re wondering why “great job” is hyphenated in panel two, it’s because Todd is *clearly* a fan of My Brother, My Brother and Me, and did the **greatjob** honk, and this was my best effort at writing it. It’s onomonopoetic.

Click me for a high-res printable file of today’s comic over on Patreon! It’s free.

Patron Perk – Chapter Two Script

Patron Perk – Chapter Two Script published on No Comments on Patron Perk – Chapter Two Script

Want to read ahead? We’ve got the script for Chapter Two posted in our Patreon. This is part of the $5 perk, which will soon also include part of my big surprise announcement.

Read ahead here. These scripts are subject to change, so you might be reading spoilers, and you might be reading something we change half-way through. In any case, I hope it’s interesting.

Also, here, have a peek at the last two comics in their various production stages.

PD 009

PD 008


Phoenix Down #9 – and Holy Wowsers, you all Rock!

Phoenix Down #9 – and Holy Wowsers, you all Rock! published on 3 Comments on Phoenix Down #9 – and Holy Wowsers, you all Rock!

We hit out $100 per month goal on Patreon and it’s humbling to think that there’s a fistful of you out there in the wide-open world who liked us enough to make this happen.

We’ve officially turned off our Fiverr account. The comic is now the supplemental income, and we don’t have to do endless free revisions on $5 logos ever, ever again, and that is absolutely thanks to you guys. We’d been phasing it out for a while as we eked toward this goal, but now that we’re here, it feels really, really goddamn good to shut that thing down.

We’re going to be updating Ramen Empire on Monday and Thursday, now, which should give the story a lot more momentum.

But we’re trying to make this a full time job, so let me tell you about some of the ways we’re hoping that will manifest.

If we can push our Patreon up to $150 per month, we’re going to start doing a podcast about the comic — story arcs, stories we threw out, drawing techniques, character development, and a peek into the engine that makes this project putt ever forward.

At $200 per month, we’ll start doing one-shot joke comics that are only for our Patrons.

We’ve got some more goals we’re kicking around, but nothing we want to announce yet; if you’re interested in the kinds of rewards Patreon can unlock for you guys, stay tuned.

We’re going to start expanding our efforts way more, though. I’ve got a kind of huge announcement I’m sitting on, but it’s not quite ready. I can give you a taste, though! Check out our sister-website, Blimpfort. It’s pretty skeletal for now, but it’s going to be an excellent home for all sorts of awesome tabletop gaming resources, and our own prose fiction label.

I’ll see you guys next week! Twice!


Phoenix Down #8

Phoenix Down #8 published on No Comments on Phoenix Down #8

You wonderful people kicked our Patreon up over the $100 marker. Expect an update very soon on the transition to two comics a week!

Want a high res file of today’s comic? Clicky click.


Orlando published on No Comments on Orlando

It’s impossible to do what we do here when we’re weeping alongside the rest of the rational nation, so we’re putting up splash art for chapter two and continuing with the story next week.

Instead of reading comics this week, find your loved ones and hug them. Call them. Go to them. Exist with them and create memories and moments of happiness.

Write to your congressmen and representatives about their role in this awful, awful tragedy.

Live deeply. We’ll see you in a week.


Phoenix Down #6

Phoenix Down #6 published on 2 Comments on Phoenix Down #6
Click here for a high-res download of this comic over on Patreon. This time, no massive downloads of Cid’s junk, I swear!

On Writing & Editing Phoenix Down #4

On Writing & Editing Phoenix Down #4 published on No Comments on On Writing & Editing Phoenix Down #4

Real quick, here’s the original script for this comic strip. They almost always change a little bit, but today’s was a fairly extreme change, and I thought I’d share a bit about the process with you guys.

Here’s the original script:


See any problems? There’s a couple of pretty big ones. I did a write-up on the process over on Patreon. It’s free, so give it a read and if you find this interesting, you can have constant access to the scripts we use to make the comics by going here and subscribing, and you can find the full chapter one script (and see through the dread murk of time into the VERY FUTURE!) right here.

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