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Noir Comic 11

Noir Comic 11 published on 2 Comments on Noir Comic 11

I hate to do this, but Zach and I both went on a short vacation at the same time, and neither one of us brought, uh, art stuff. So we’ll finish the colors and the background on the weekend.

In the meantime, the question I posed in the last update basically had a 50/50 split between “get to the real characters faster” and “I like noir.” These answers both please me greatly, because as one commenter predicted, yes, the A lines of the noir movie and the non-movie parts of the comic are going to tangle up irrevocably. I’ve decided to see what I can do to get to that mesh a bit quicker, though, since that’s ultimately what I see as the interesting part of both stories. At two comics a week though, it’s still gonna crawl to its goals.

Check this space sometime Sunday for colors and stuff.



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