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Phoenix Down #24

Phoenix Down #24 published on 1 Comment on Phoenix Down #24

So, I’m moving. Which means packing, cleaning, etc. And the side effect of this has been that I’m not updating Ramen Empire on Tapastic or uploading the high res images onto Patreon, both because these are fairly time-consuming, monotonous tasks, and because because there is never really any sense that people are reading the comic on those platforms. I’m going to do a Patreon High-Res comic dump toward the end of the month, or so I keep telling myself, but I’m not certain if it has any value to you guys. If you’ve ever downloaded the print resolution stuff, leave a comment. Alternatively, if you haven’t, that helps me to know, too. =) It’s nice not having the extra work, but I’m happy to do it if I know people are using it.

Flowers in the Pyramid – Patron Update

Flowers in the Pyramid – Patron Update published on No Comments on Flowers in the Pyramid – Patron Update

Hey everyone,

If you’ve been supporting us on Patreon, you absolutely rock. As a thank-you, patrons at all levels have access to the Flowers in the Pyramid short story. It’s eclectic, but hey, we’re a writer and an artist duo, so sometimes we make off-message things that need a home. Hopefully, that home will be in your headmeat.

Flowers in the Pyramid is a story in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft that excises everything I don’t like about his style and themes. Enjoy!

The Flowers in the Pyramid

The Flowers in the Pyramid published on No Comments on The Flowers in the Pyramid

I’ve put a short story up on Amazon. It’s about an Indian woman and a British explorer in a Lovecraftian situation. If that sounds like your cuppa, you should totally spend 99 cents on it.

Flowers Cover-01

Alternatively, if you’re supporting us on Patreon, sit tight, and you’ll be able to read it without buying it.

Comics Like Ramen Empire

Comics Like Ramen Empire published on No Comments on Comics Like Ramen Empire

I suspect that “Comics about LGBT indie film makers” might be a larger niche than is immediately evident. Sean Martin has been making Doc & Raider since 2009, and it’s been a constant spark of pleasantness in the periphery of my understanding of comics and how they work. Check it out; the guy busts his behind on his work, and the end product is worth your time.

Zach has been working on a pet project in a similar visual vein for a while. He’s got 3D models of, I believe, Scott and Cid fleshed out as a proof of concept, but it’s one of those projects we’re never quite brave enough to push forward on. So Kudos to Sean, for going where we’ve been unable.



Phoenix Down #19

Phoenix Down #19 published on 4 Comments on Phoenix Down #19

This is going exactly where you think it’s going, probably, assuming you think it’s going to finally going to be us unveiling one of the mystery characters on the cast page.

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