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Ramen Empire

Ramen Empire is about college students who make movies at Alexandria University, with a touch of the fantastic and supernatural sprinkled on top. It’s main characters are a Chinese exchange student, a woman rebelling from her super-Christian family, and a cadre of wanna-be film makers.

We also occasionally diverge onto video games, movies, or random hijinks, which are cataloged under “Sillies,” with apologies to Tim Buckley. Enjoy!


Zach Stoppel does the pencils, inks, and colors.

He got an art degree at Pittsburg State University in Kansas. Check out his DeviantArt page.

His favorite web comics are Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Sin Fest, Wapsi Squared, Penny Arcade, XKCD, and Three Panel Soul, among dozens of other.

Zach is available for commissions, so if you’re interested, e-mail us.


Bartholomew Klick writes and letters the comic.

He studied English and Chinese at the same university. He lives under a bridge near the north side of town, and eats unfortunates who try to cross it on foot.

Bartholomew Klick’s fiction has appeared in the Machine of Death I  anthology, the first Arcane anthology, Coyote Wild, and in Earthbound Fiction’s Sparks anthology. He edits Conjurings magazine, and is an editorial apprentice at Nightmare.

His favorite web comics are Girl Genius, Penny Arcade, Mangled StarePVP, & Short Packed. Obscure jokes pulled from these materials will make Bart giggle like a six year old girl in a pit full of kittens.

He’s started selling short stories, so buy one here.


J. E. González is our Spanish translator from Venezuela who is cleverly disguised as a functional adult. He enjoys telling people he’s a writer, except relatives in family reunions. They don’t buy that.