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Noir Comic 9

Noir Comic 9 published on No Comments on Noir Comic 9

Happy Friday, everyone.

Zach wanted to peel off script to tell a joke. It’s the sort of thing that happened to us when we filmed stuff, and I chuckled when he explained it, so why not–spontaneity is the spice of life, right? If you write a punch into what you’re doing, make sure to bring ice packs to the set. That’s all I’m saying.

Also, this is, I supposed, the formal introduction of Professor Hardwick, who is playing the pop-eyed thug, since he’s technically here both in and out of character. He’s super important in the Patreon-only comic, but less-so for this one. I’m not supposed to talk about that, though, since we haven’t launched it.

Did noir detectives sucker punch people? I know they got sucker punched sometimes, but I’m having trouble thinking of instances where the inverse happened.

Bam! Click on the image for the high res file.


Shotgun Shuffle Guest Comic Wrap Up

Shotgun Shuffle Guest Comic Wrap Up published on No Comments on Shotgun Shuffle Guest Comic Wrap Up

I realize in immediate retrospect that we erred fairly greatly in our approach to the Shotgun Shuffle comics, in that we made our target audience Chris Rusche, and not “people who read Shotgun Shuffle.” The incredibly active comment section really highlighted this. People would start making guesses about where the arc was going, and every time this happened, I’d kind of wince–so many people were making these predictions that, honestly, would have made a better arc. It’s a bit disconcerting to have finished a thing and then immediately see six ways it could have been better. But then, I suppose a huge part of being a creative is finishing a project and immediately dealing with the regret of not having done the project in some other way. Instant and large audiences are, I suppose, a magnifying glass to this effect.

But wishing I’d done stuff differently is a completely different animal than wishing I hadn’t done it at all. It was an awesome experience, a little surreal, and definitely worth the effort. I really appreciate Chris giving me such an awesome opportunity, and hope that his week off got him where he needed to be.

I’m probably not going to rehost the comics over here. As far as I’m concerned, they belong to Chris.

As much fun as I had, it’s time to move onto other projects. I need to double down on lettering Honeypot before that team thinks I jumped ship, and if anyone is interested, I’m editing the first 40 or so Afterglow comics for a book. The massive shift in the lettering part-way through the story is okay for my main archive here, but it’s absolutely unacceptable for a book.  The book is also going to have some extra comics not available anywhere else, and it’s important they all look like they were made by the same people. They were, but I’ve learned so much about lettering since I started Ramen Empire that it borders on looking like a different person was doing the work.

The edited comics will eventually be archived here, and I’ve also decided to mirror them over on Tapastic as I finish them.

Check out Ramen Empire on Tapastic!
Check out Ramen Empire on Tapastic!


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