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The Doll with Tiger Teeth 1

The Doll with Tiger Teeth 1 published on 4 Comments on The Doll with Tiger Teeth 1

Time for chapter two!

The change is a little jarring, I think, but it’ll ultimately make sense. (Because that’s what I’m always shooting for–barely cogent!) Christ Rusche lamented that I did not have a panel one joke about the mean streets, and I regret it a little, but ultimately, these I think the Ramen Empire characters would take their movie a little too seriously for a more overt joke like that.

The funny-ha-ha of this next section will have to restrict itself to my being in drag with an absurd red wig.


Project Infodump

Project Infodump published on 5 Comments on Project Infodump


So like every other writer in a 9000 lightyear radius, I’m preparing a comic script (and if Zach is onboard with it, a few sample pages) for Oni Press’s open submission window. I told a pal of mine the name of the script and he described it as “Gamergate bait.” I’m not certain if he meant it as a compliment or not, but I’m taking it as a sign that the script is achieving its rhetorical goals from word one.


I’m a part of a small cadre of evildoing publishers called the Wonderfunders. They’re nice folk with good intentions. I don’t think we’re ever going to sell any comics together, but I’m loving the practice I’m getting, and the big project I’m involved in, Honeypot, is coming along really, really nicely. Here’s three pages:

Honeypot_page1_letters copyHoneyPot_page2_letters copy HoneyPot_page3_letters copyAdditionally, I’ll be taking over the lettering for a comic called Three Ring Samurai, which is a bit like Mad Max on acid. It’s tonally different from the stuff I normally associate myself with, but the artist, Ike Golden, is a pretty cool guy and the comic, for all of its rough edges, is a good read. I haven’t started yet, so none of the work you’ll see on that link to-date is mine, but go look at it anyway.

Dungeons and Dragons!

As reported earlier, I am DMing a new game of D&D with my friends and turning that game into a story that will occasionally show up here over the weekend. Not every weekend, but perhaps every other weekend. So far, it’s been good fun, and it left on a bit of a cliff-hanger. Want to follow along? Here’s the TOC:

Character Intros:

BarbarianRogue | Sorcerer

Chapters: 1 and 2.

Additionally, Zach and I are taking serious steps toward turning this into its own separate comic. We’re in disagreement about how and when to release it, but it’s getting made one way or another–so there’s that. Unlike the actual D&D branded comic, Table Titans, ours is probably just going to be a straight up fantasy narrative without any players involved. There’s a chance that the Ramen Empire cast will start a game of D&D, but Scott Kurtz already makes that comic if you want to read it, and I think there’s plenty of room out there for Tolkienian Fantasy in our style without the need for a meta layer that we wouldn’t handle better or even differently.

If you don’t already read Table Titans, get thee gone to it. It’s fucking superb.


I’m writing a novel! I have no idea how I’ll be publishing it, but if you like high fantasy and don’t want to read another massive megabook, or a huge series, I plan on this being exactly one book, no more than 70,000 words (in a world where fantasy novels tend to be 100,000+ words.) […in an industry where 350 words is a page.]

If you want to beta read the novel, I’d love some extra input, or if you just want something to read for fun, I’ll happily share private updates of it with anyone who asks. Nothing fancy. Files over Google Drive.

Signing off til next time!



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